• DUNS: 080354190
  • CAGE Code: 7PHW9
  • Primary NAICS: 541360

Our Mission

Fostering peace of mind through geophysical solutions to landscape instability issues.

Who We Are

Southwest Geophysical Consulting, LLC provides geophysical consulting to industry, ranchers, homeowners and government in karst and pseudo-karst areas of New Mexico and surrounding states, using a variety of methods, to determine the stability of landscape and to prevent damage to structures, injuries to personnel and livestock and pollution of water resources due to sinkhole collapse, slumping or other landscape instability issues.

Our Goals

To work with land owners, developers, industry, and government entities to create peace of mind through geophysical tools that can “see” the subsurface and determine whether voids are developing beneath roads, infrastructure, or buildings.

We manage a team of skilled employees that can be deployed throughout the state of New Mexico and surrounding states with top of the line, high quality equipment that is using state of the art science and engineering to peer into the subsurface and provide reliable information in karst and pseudo-karst areas that are prone to sinkholes, slumping, subsidence and other geologic hazards, that can be identified through the use of geophysical methods including ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity imaging arrays, infrared imaging analysis and magnetic susceptibility surveys. I will use my education and leverage my extensive experience in caves and karst, workforce education, physics, geology, systems engineering, and project management to lead the industry in geo-hazard analysis and remediation in the Southwest.